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Cantine Casebianche

Case BiancheThe company was founded in 2000 when Elisabetta and Pasquale decided to take over the family's vineyards and conducted their first wine-making trials. The first bottling took place in 2006, thanks to the commitment of Fortunato Sebastiano, an oenologist with expertise in sustainable varietal wine making. Processing is conducted with the help of simple mechanical means, natural fertilisers, with copper, sulphur and clay used to protect the vines. Vinification takes place immediately after the manual harvesting that leaves the grapes to ferment naturally. The company respects the difference between raw material and vines, and in so doing adopts organic farming methods and follows an agro-ecological company management programme that adopts the biodynamic and natural approach in wine-making.

  • Cumalè Fiano Biowein IGT Paestum

    1 Bewertungen
  • Dellemore Bio-Rotwein IGT Paestum

    1 Bewertungen
  • Iscadoro Bio-Weißwein IGT Paestum

    1 Bewertungen
  • Fric Bio-Sekt Rosé Trocken ohne Schwefel

  • Cupersito Aglianico Biowein DOC Cilento

    1 Bewertungen
  • La Matta Bio-Sekt ohne Schwefel

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