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Kratos Fiano DOP Cilento BIO

Luigi Maffini


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Kratos has an intense straw-yellow colour with an aroma of exotic dried fruit, kiwis and apples. With a smooth and balanced taste that reveals a floral final and a hint of dry apricot.

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Sorte Weißwein
Füllmenge 75 cl
Alkoholgehalt 13
Jahrgang 2017
Klassifikation DOP
Rebsorten Fiano
Biologisch Ja
Ausbau Serbatoi di acciaio
Reifeprozess In acciaio per circa 4 mesi
Anbaugebiet Castellabate


Luigi Maffini

The Maffini winery was founded at the beginning of 1970s, when the family's first vineyard was planted. In 1996 the company launched its Kratos wine. Today, the company's wines come from two vineyards: one in Castellabate, close to the sea, and one in Giungano, further in Cilento's hinterland. Both vineyards rigorously observe the principles of organic farming. With its gently rolling, rugged hills, covered with Mediterranean maquis, Cilento offers an ideal terrain for viticulture. Together with a protected natural environment and the Cilento flysch geological formation, rich in clay and limestone, the area provides an excellent soil for the local vines' deep roots. In this area, Fiano and Aglianico, Campania's classical vines, have achieved a unique and refined level of excellence, also thanks to the work of tenacious vine growers.


Bel bianco

Ho ordinato questo vino perchè lo avevo già provato in vacanza nel Cilento, la mia prima impressione era stata buona e la seconda ancora meglio, ottimo.

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Kratos Fiano DOP Cilento BIO