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Il Melograno

Prodotti da MelogranoThe farm "The Pomegranate" is located in the Mattine region, between the cities of Paestum and Agropoli, in the Province of Salerno, Italy. The cultivable area of the farm is about 10 hectares, which 4 hectares have been used for the cultivation of figs ("figue dottati" of Cilento), olives and pomegranates. There are about 1200 pomegranate plants, of 3 different varieties which are: "Wonderful", "Mollar" and "Horse Tooth". Since October 2016, the farm started to grow the fruit, in a completely organic way, using natural products for both the pesticide treatments and fertilization. The fruits started to be used to create craft products that are strictly natural, such as a cosmetic line, a liquor and a wine. In the cosmetic line, there are two kinds of perfume, one made from the fig tree, and another made from the pomegranate fruit. There are also two kinds of soap, one made of pomegranate and another made with oat bran and honey. There is also a moisturizing, nourishing and anti-wrinkle facial cream, made with essential oils, pomegranate juice, and extra-virgin olive oil. A liquor made by an infusion of pomegranate arils and juice into alcohol has also been made and for the last, a Pomegranate Wine, which is an ancient drink, used by the Egyptians over 2000 years ago, currently produced on an industrial level only in Tel Aviv in Israel and also in small amounts in some Eastern countries. The wine is obtained by the fermentation of the arils of the pomegranate as the wine method used The company is trying to make innovative products that enhance the beneficial properties of this wonderful fruit and increase its possibility of use.

  • Soap pomegranate

  • Soap out gran and honey

  • Pomegranate Liqueur Granatiello

  • Scent of pomegranate Melany

  • Scent of fig Figue

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